Cutting Taxes


Gary Pollakusky knows that there are really only two common sense approaches to reducing the tax burden on our citizens. The first is to make government work more like a business and force it to live within its means. We are not only taxing our current residents out of existence but with the county's out of control borrowing practices, we are taxing future generations who are even born yet. Talk about taxation without representation! The second is to find new revenue sources so we can reduce the residential tax burden. Every time we say "no" to business and fail to expand the corporate tax base, we say "yes" to a residential property tax increase. It's time we started to say yes to business so we can say no to property taxes. This will stimulate the economy and produce greater revenue streams from sources such as increased sales tax dollars.

The current Sixth District Legislator voted to raise your taxes. Other proposed fee increases supported by the current legislator include higher vehicle registration fees, a higher hotel-motel tax, and higher departmental and parks fees. Add the mortgage recording fee, cremation fee, red light camera fee and you have all the ingredients of a FEE-ASCO! These are nothing more than backdoor taxes on the hardworking residents of Suffolk County.

When elected, Gary will not budget for any tax increases nor frivolously use surplus revenue that may be realized through an improving economy. We should always be planning for a rainy day, even when there are no clouds in the sky.