Economic Development


As a successful businessman, proven problem solver, member of the Brookhaven Town of Brookhaven's Industrial Development Agency Board and member of the Brookhaven Local Development Corporation, Gary Pollakusky has the experience to know the root causes of our economic problems and how to solve them. He has a vision that calls for us to institute this kind of true fresh start approach to business development. New and innovative approaches are needed to accomplish true economic development and thereby increasing revenue streams and bringing quality high paying jobs to the county. According to the New York State, the LIA and the New York Times' statistics, 9 out of 10 companies on Long Island employ fewer than 20 people. To put it another way, we are Main Street and not Wall Street. We need to get more of these small companies to re-locate to Suffolk County, help new small businesses with their start-ups here and just as important help those who are here to grow.