Sixth district residents are fortunate to enjoy many outdoor spaces. With beautiful parks and expansive beaches along the North Shore, we must do everything we can to protect our environment for future generations to enjoy.

It is important to protect Long Island's aquifers while preserving land for open space as County's finances permit. Nitrogen loading and storm water runoff negatively affects all North Shore resident's quality of life. We must pursue appropriate measures to ensure safe, reliable drinking water is readily available. While sewers may be the long-term answer, it is exponentially expensive. There are actions we can take now, such as pesticide pollution education, to mitigate against future occurrences.

Gary Pollakusky supports common sense preservation of open space and will work with all necessary entities to preserve land for future generations to enjoy. When the Town of Brookhaven and County of Suffolk have an opportunity to work together and accomplish a mutually beneficial acquisition, Gary will be working hand in hand with Town officials to help facilitate those deals.

In addition to water quality and open space preservation, we must decrease our reliance on fossil fuels by promoting the use of renewable energy while also being respectful of the communities in which these facilities are placed.